Whether a new product launch or existing brands in market, ExperTaste combines industry and product knowledge with technology to provide you high quality services along with the critical data and feedback you need for your product or brand.


Product Sampling

Getting your product into the hands and mouths of the consumer.

Whether its demonstrations, elaborate tasting experiences, or simply getting your product into the hands and mouths of your target consumer, focused sampling campaigns ensure tastings that are both guided and relevant.


Special Events

Beer festivals, wine festivals, conventions, product booth and demos.

Differentiate yourself from the hundreds of brands at a festival that have volunteers giving sub-par pours with zero information. Our industry specialists and brand ambassadors will provide the proper pours with the key elements and brand info needed to provide the consumer with the experience they are looking for.


Retail Events

Creating excitement and connection at store level.

Our Expertasters connect consumers with your brand where it matters most – at point of contact. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of retail, we design and create relevant and memorable experiences for consumers, impacting sales and ultimately increasing your Return on Investment. We offer creative retail solutions that set our clients’ brands apart in the competitive marketplace.



Designing and creating in-store programs.

Impact your consumer at the store level by developing the promotional campaigns that spike interest in your product, while adding value to your brand equity.

Our ability to use strategy and insight to design and create compelling promotional campaigns that integrate with live environments, both in and out of store as well as online – ultimately driving purchase – are what separate us from the competition.


Social Media Integration

Managing Your Online Conversation.

Digital Brand and Social Media Experts drive social media discussions and growth by leveraging their local knowledge, networks, software and social media communications expertise and a passion to extend experiences from in-store and at events online through various social networks. They are trained specifically to capture and create locally relevant content from their respective markets.