#1 Form of product promotion

Whether a pre-existing well known brand, new market launch or an industry launch, providing liquid to mouth sampling by a knowledgeable staff tops the ranks of product promotion strategies. That's our focus and what we do best!


Maximized ROI

Maximizing the return on your investment dollars is something we all strive for. We deliver not only professional and knowledgeable service to promote your brand effectively but also provide you with user friendly tools to track your event real-time and get the data you need on demand. The efficient execution is what separates ExperTaste from the pack.



Our SAMPLIT software provides us with the ability to conveniently schedule an event or tasting, alert you when your tasting has begun, along with other relevant data. Additionally, our clients receive a detailed report immediately upon completion of the tasting which includes several critical data points spanning from gender to units purchased, and includes a 5 star rating to help you better gauge the general consumers take on your product. You also have the ability to get and share more detailed analysis and reports by signing into SAMPLIT.


Certified and passionate staff

Not only do we provide a certified representative for your brands within each category, but we incentivize our staff to maximize their efficiency on site and ensure the drive to promote your brands.


Consumer experience

A high level, engaging, and inspiring presentation, all while conversationally collecting critical data, provide the consumer with the feeling of being EXPERTASTED!!!